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Branding Magic: A Case Study

Recently, I was approached by a division of Thomson Reuters that was launching their new brand at a financial services conference in San Francisco.

San Francisco Magician Cocktail Reception.jpg

The newly named division, Refinitiv, sponsored the evening’s networking reception and they asked me to help with two things:

First, it was long, two day conference and they wanted to provide the cocktails, entertainment, and fun for the evening.

And second, they wanted to ensure attendees were aware of the transformation, why they changed, and what their new capabilities were.

After gathering information via phone conversations, emails, and their marketing materials for the event, I set upon connecting the dots.

Combining the powerful visual metaphor inherent in magic with some of the big ideas Refinitiv wanted to get across — transformation, re-branding/re-birth — is the most creative part of this process and I love it!

And here is the result that evening…

San Francisco Magician Dennis Kyriakos

See those faces? That’s genuine wonder, excitement, and surprise attendees are experiencing and in that moment they are incredibly receptive to Refinitiv’s message.

Are you planning to sponsor a cocktail reception, hospitality suite, or kick-off meeting? Launching a new product or making an announcement? Perhaps you want to create an experience that will effortlessly open the minds and hearts of your audience to your specific message or brand?

Well then, let’s talk.

PS - And if you’re curious to see a “down-and-dirty” rehearsal of the piece I came up with for Refinitiv, let me know.