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What Are You Afraid Of?

Apparently, the thing we fear the most is public speaking. The fear of standing up in front of a group and giving a speech or making a presentation, out weights even the fear of death. Think about that for a minute. That’s big.

I spend a lot of time in front of groups and I get nervous every time I’m waiting in the wings. I’d get really worried if I didn’t!

Why am I telling you this? During a recent performance I noticed something happen in the audience that bugged me and wanted to share it.

So, last night I performed at a corporate event in San Francisco. This was the 20th anniversary of an investment company and they brought a team from the east coast office for a weekend with their west coast counterparts. I performed walk around magic during the cocktail reception and a 30 minute show after dinner.

Right at the top of the show I ask for someone to join me in the front of the room. One gentleman began waving his arms and pointing to a colleague that sat next to him.

“Pick her! Pick her!”

Not sure why exactly, but he was very enthusiastic about having her participate. She, on the other hand, not so much. In fact, she was doing everything in her power to make herself small and invisible. She tried to pull his arms down and failing that, she actually got up and scurried behind some other people at her table.

The last thing I want to do is bring someone up who does not want to be up there. She looked extremely uncomfortable with the idea, so I told her she did not have to participate if she wasn’t comfortable.

So the performance continues and about halfway through I ask for another volunteer. And the same thing happened. Again the man waved his arms and pointed at his colleague. Some of the other guys in the room cheered her on to participate as well. And again, she scurried out of her seat and this time crawled around to another table where she spent the rest of the show cowering behind a sympathetic coworker. She didn’t actually sit at the other table but literally crouched behind a couple of people.

This morning I recalled the performance and thought, “what a bunch of assholes.”

I get it. You’re having a good time with your coworkers and friends. And I can see how you’d think it might-possibly-sorta-kinda would be fun to put someone on the spot. I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I get it.

And let’s not even mention the fact that you’re making my job more difficult. There is a rhythm I’m trying to establish during a performance. Creating a spectacle out in the audience to grab attention serves nothing but your ego.

But, most importantly, when it’s clear that someone is in distress over your actions or perhaps has a fear -- a genuine fear -- like being in front of a room of people, and yet you continue to harass? Well, that’s just plain mean.

Know that if I’m lucky enough to have you in my audience you will be made to feel comfortable and treated with the respect you deserve. Even if you’re an asshole.

Cisco Live 2017

Trade Show Magician Dennis Kyriakos

Currently at Cisco Live, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.

This is my second time working for A10 Networks. At this show, I'm performing magic to draw in a crowd and once it hits maximum capacity, introduce a speaker who gives a talk on how A10 can help attendees deal with their pain points.

Planning your company's next trade show exhibit? Let's maximize your visibility.


RSA 2017

2017 started off big with the RSA Conference at the Moscone Center. Our second time at the conference and our second time working for Check Point Software.

This time, Check Point had one of the largest exhibit booths on the floor, measuring 30 x 30. 

We performed twice an hour pulling in large crowds with magic and introduced presenters from Check Point who spoke to attendees on a variety of topics.

Birds-eye view of Dennis Kyriakos pulling large crowds into Check Point's exhibit booth. 

Birds-eye view of Dennis Kyriakos pulling large crowds into Check Point's exhibit booth. 

We helped Check Point Software triple leads and badge swipes at the booth. By the end of the final day, Check Point logged close to 3000 leads.

2016: In Technicolor

We performed at dozens of events in 2016. Here are just a handful of highlights from some of our favorites.


Toyota President's Award Dinner

Toyota Motor Sales rewarded their top dealers from the Boston Area to a weekend at Calistoga Ranch. We entertained these VIPs and their spouses on the closing evening of the festivities with our after-dinner mind reading show


This way to the reception. please.

This way to the reception. please.

Stage is set for 30 minute mind reading show.

Stage is set for 30 minute mind reading show.

A short testimonial from the Toyota President's Award Dinner. #bringingyoutoboston

Team Building at Facebook

Facebook brought us in for a Team Building event for Halloween.

The recruiting team were working overtime and were in "lockdown mode" for months. We were brought in for a 30 minute mind reading show that brought down the house. What a great group.

Hands down the absolute highlight of the event! His performance was beyond the charts, exceeded anything we expected and pushed the boundaries of what everyone thought was possible.
— Vivian T., Meeting Planner, Facebook
Post performance photo with some very happy Facebook-ers.

Post performance photo with some very happy Facebook-ers.

"The Year of The Trade Show"

2016 put a number of big IT Security shows under our belt. In fact, we were in Las Vegas twice in August for two different shows! 

We helped to build huge crowds with custom=scripted presentations and amazing magic over the course of multiple days on the trade show floor.

And 2017 is looking even better.

VM World, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

VM World, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas

AWS re:Invent, Sands Convention Center, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

AWS re:Invent, Sands Convention Center, Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

RSA Conference, Moscone Center, San Francisco

RSA Conference, Moscone Center, San Francisco

San Francisco Lithuanian Community Awards Gala

Performed at and hosted the SF Lithuanian Community Awards Gala.

We were honored to introduce and share the stage with Lithuanian dignitaries and ambassadors who were invited to celebrate with the local community.

Hosting and performing for the SF Lithuanian Community Awards Gala

Hosting and performing for the SF Lithuanian Community Awards Gala

Ken Fulk's Magical World Book Release Party

In October, we were invited to entertain at the book release event for Ken Fulk's Magical World.

Ken is San Francisco's interior designer du jour, having created some of the most elegant, sophisticated, and fun spaces and homes in San Francisco and across the country, including The Battery, where I entertain on Thursday evenings.

This event took place in the lobby and penthouse of The Harrison. A new, luxury apartment building, with interiors design by Mr. Fulk.

Ken Fulk's Magical World

Ken Fulk's Magical World

Lobby of The Harrison, in San Francisco. Awaiting to entertain guests.

Lobby of The Harrison, in San Francisco. Awaiting to entertain guests.



The Gotham Club

The Gotham Club

One of my favorite corporate holiday events took place at The Gotham Club.

Located inside the out-of-town scoreboard -- that's right, INSIDE THE SCOREBOARD! -- at AT&T Park, The Gotham Club is an elegantly appointed bar and private dining area. 

Members gain easy access to the Club via a private entrance and are directly connected to The Bullpen. There's also a secret game room, with a billiard table and bowling alley.

The Gotham Club is members-only and you can learn more here. Can't wait to visit again!

Thanks to Rosecrest Special Events for having me there.


Had a fabulous time bringing #thewonder to the folks at Facebook a couple of weeks ago.  

The group was working hard in "lockdown mode" and needed a break. Nothing that 30 minutes of mind reading couldn't fix. A good time was had by all. 

Family House FANGtastic Halloween Gala

Saturday, October 29th, we entertained in the VIP Cocktail Reception for Family House's FANGtastic Halloween Gala.

The event took place in the penthouse of The Fairmont, in San Francisco. It was my first time at The Fairmont, which is now one of my favorite venues. The Penthouse offers an amazing view of downtown San Francisco from it's large patio.

There are multiple bedrooms and baths, spacious dining and living rooms, a billiard room. and a cylindrical, two-story library with a history and secrets all it's own.

One of the bookcases is actually a hidden door that leads to the roof. My hostess told me a couple of stories about two former presidents who used that door in very different ways. I'll tell you about it sometime.

There is also one new secret the library now holds -- a pack of cards set for a miracle on my next visit. 

Ken Fulk's Magical World

On Thursday, October 20th, we were invited to entertain at a book release party for Ken Fulk's Magical World.

The event took place in the lobby and penthouse of The Harrison -- a new luxury condominium in the SoMa district of San Francisco. Interiors where designed in inimitable Ken Fulk-style. We mingled and shared magic with San Francisco's elite.

Have a look at photos here.