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After a year-and-a-half of monthly performances, I am so very excited to announce that CONJURING WONDER is now a WEEKLY EVENT!

The management of the Prescott Hotel has been getting terrific feedback from our audiences and they've asked us to present THE WONDER on a weekly basis beginning this Thursday evening, July 17th.
They've also partnered with us on a larger scale and offered up a new performance space in the legendary Postrio Restaurant!
The show will now take place on the Mezzanine -- which is quite cozy -- just past Postrio's fabulous bar. Making it that much easier for you to grab a cocktail before the show. And yes, you can bring that drink with you to enjoy during the performance!

Watch this space for photos and video. Better yet, get tickets to the show today experience THE WONDER live and in person.

And thanks to those who have attended for their continued support!